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Tour Calendar

Welcome to our birding tour calendar section


2018/19 Tour Calendar Availability Price
 11-14 th



21-23 rd

Bird migration and dragonflies in Valencia and Alicante


Delta del Ebro BIRD FAIR

6 places



Please contact us and we will send you all the information.


We hope to see you there!

5-7 th

9-11 th

Valencia BIRD FAIR!

Birding in Valencia and Alicante


4 places

If you would like to attend, please let us know.

Please contact us and we will send you all the information 260 € (3-6 people). No accommodation included.

8-18 th



27-4 th

Winter Birds in Valencia Aragón and Madrid


Gallocanta, Belchite, Sierra de Guara and Albufera de Valencia

3 places



7 places

Custom grup tour. Please contact us for more information


1250 € (4-6 people)

Download brochure

 19-23 rd  Iberian Lynx 7 places  900 €/person
8-12 th

15-29 th

Iberian Lynx

Sri Lanka: endemics, leopards and blue whales

7 places

12 places

900 €/person

Please contact us  for more information.

17-24 th  Extremadura + Doñana  7 places  1350€/person. All the info here
MARCH 2019
 9-15 th Bird migrants, early butterflies and orchids in Valencia region 7 places  Please contact us  for more information and a description of the itinerary.
 30-5 th  Canary Islands  7 places  1340 €/person. Last trip report here
APRIL 2019
 14-22 nd  Local daily tours in Alicante and Valencia  6 places daily  Please contact us  for more information.
23-28 th Extremadura 6 places 1100 €/person
MAY 2019
6-10 th


14-21 st

5-day birding in Valencia


La Mancha + Serrania de Cuenca

7 places


14 places

Last year check-list


Freelance guiding with Honeyguides. Please, for more info click here or contact us.

JUNE 2019
2-8 th


17-24 th

Extremadura + Sierra de Gredos


Picos de Europa

7 places


14 places

1200 €/person. All the info here


Freelance guiding with Honeyguides. Please, for more info click here or contact us.

JULY 2018
22nd-6th Holidays in NW Spain

30-6th Sep.



Top 3 carnivours: Wildcat, Brown bear and Iberian Wolf. So please contact us for more information


4-6 places 1500 €/person (min 4 people)

Local tours are available all year round. For other tours and dates which are not included in the tour calendar, please contact us. We can arrange a new tour in few hours.

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