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Orchids tours Spain

Following there is a small selection of the orchids seen during our wildlife and orchids tours in Spain. If you are keen on orchids and general wildlife, please visit our calendar where you will find different itineraries and species we shall see during the trip. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Although our wildlife and birding tours cover much of country, our orchids tours are mainly focus on Costa Blanca (Alicante). This area is considered a botanical hotspot for the diversity and number of plants found, many of them endemics. Among these, there is a remarkable number of orchids which can be found from February to June, being March and April the months with more species blooming. The diversity of habitats, going from the seashore to mountains over 1500 m.a.s.l makes possible to find in the Valencia Region 77 species of orchids.

Ophrys x castroviejoi. This stunning orchid is the result of the hybridation of O.scolopax x O. speculum and is seen in Jávea, Costa Blanca.

orchid tours in Spain-Ophrys peltieri

Ophrys x pielteri. Another incredible hybrid from the combination of  O.scolopax x O. tenthredinifera. Seen near el Montgó in Jávea, Costa Blanca.

Ophrys pseudoespeculum

Ophrys x pseudoespeculum. Hybrid from the combination of  O.scolopax x O. lutea. Seen in the mountains of Alicante.

orchid walks in Spain

Orchis x bivonae. Hybrid from the combination of  O.italica x O. anthropophora. Seen in the mountains of Alicante.

Sombre-bee orchid-orchid tours in Spain

Sombre-bee orchid – Ophrys fusca. Widespread orchid.

Ophrys dyris

Dark-bee orchid – Ophrys dyris. In Costa Blanca tour.

orchid tours in Spain

Woodcock orchid – Ophrys scolopax. Seen in Valencia, Alicante and Granada tours.

Pink butterfly orchid

Pink butterfly orchid –  Anacamptis papilonacea. Seen in Extremadura tour.

naked-man orchid

Naked man orchid – Orchis italica. Seen in Extremadura, Alicante and Granada tours.

orchid tours in Spain

Ophrys dianica. Endemic of North Alicante and South Valencia.

Sawfly orchid – Ophrys tenthredinifera. Seen in most of our tours, widely spread.

Sawfly orchid

Small Woodcock Orchid – Ophrys picta. Seen in Málaga and Granada tours.

Orchid tours in Spain

Fan-lipped orchid – Anacamptis collina. Seen in Granada.

Giant orchid – Himantoglossum robertianum. Seen in Extremadura and Alicante tours.

Conical orchid

Conical orchid – Neotinea conica. Seen in Extremadura.

Narrow-leaved Helleborine

Narrow-leaved Helleborine – Cephalanthera longifolia. Seen in Valencia and Alicante tours.

White Helleborine-Cephalanthera damasonium. Seen in La Mancha tour.

White helleborine-orchid tours in Spain

Bee orchid – Ophrys apifera. Seen in the mountains of Alicante.

Small-flowered tongue orchid – Serapia parviflora. Seen in the local tours of Valencia.

Small-flowered tongue orchis

Tongue orchid – Serapia lingua. Seen in the local tours of Alicante and Doñana.

orchid tours in Spain

Elder-flowered orchid – Dactylorhiza sambucina.  Pyrenees tour.

Orchis cazorlensis. Seen in La Mancha and Serranía de Cuenca tour. Endemic.

Bumblee-bee orchid

Bumblebee orchid – Ophrys bombyflora. Seen in the tour around Granada.


Man orchid – Aceras anthropophorum. Seen during local tours in Alicante and Valencia.

Mirror orchid

Mirror orchid – Ophrys speculum. Widely spread.

orchid tours in Spain

Yellow Bee orchid – Ophrys lutea. Seen in Alicante and Granada tours.

Pyramidal orchid-orchid tours in Spain

Pyramidal orchid – Anacamptis pyramidalis. Seen in Alicante and Valencia tours.

Champagne orchis

Champagne orchid – Orchis champagneuxii. Seen in Extremadura.

Orchid tours in Spain

Androrchis olbiensis. Seen in Valencia and Cuenca tours.

Lizzard orchid-orchid tours in Spain

Lizard orchid – Himantoglossum hircinum. Very local.Seen in Albacete and Alicante tour

bug orchid

Bug orchid – Orchis fragans. Seen in Alicante tour.

Lady orchid

Lady orchid – Orchis purpurea. Seen in the Pyrenees tour.

Early spider orchid-orchid tours in Spain

Early spider orchid – Ophrys sphegodes. Seen in Cuenca tour.

Be welcome to join any of our wildlife and orchids tours Spain. Apart from these photos, we post regularly in the following website, please click here to see more images and if you wish join our social community.


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