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Photography Hides Spain

Since few years ago, wildlife and bird photography have become very popular for photographers and conservationists in Spain. We love wildlife photography as you do! So we have designed different photography hides in Spain. We work side by side with local agents and conservationist to design and offers the best photography hides in Valencia, Alicante and Lleida provinces. They are designed specifically for key birds from raptors such as the Bonelli’s Eagle and the Goshawk,  to a diverse number of birds in the marshes: Glossy Ibis, Purple Swamp-hen, Squacco and Purple Heron among others.


Photography hides Spain

Mouflon and Golden Eagle photography hides

Hide 1. Bancal Roig. Capacity 1-4 people. 55 €/person; 4 people 200€. In this hide the mouflons come to a bare red field, perfect for  getting a colourful shoot. Located in Alcoi. This hide can be combined with a Golden Eagle hide.

Hide 1B. Golden Eagle photography hide. Capacity 2 people. 120 €/person; 2 people 110 €/person. Located in Alcoi.



Hide 2. Tallafoc. Capacity 1-2 people. 65€/person. The mouflons are surrounded by forest. Located in Alcoi.

Mouflon hide in Spain


Hide 3. Sierra Aitana, in the Costa Blanca. Capacity 1-2 people. Price, 70€/ 1 person; 100 €/ 2 people. Two different hides designed for Ring Ouzel, Crossbill, Cirl and Rock Bunting, Crested Tit, Sardinian Warbler, Brambling, Rock Sparrow, Woodlark, etc.

Brambling-photography hide in Alicante
Cirl bunting-photography hide in Spain
Cirl Bunting


Hide 4. Ring Ouzel in Valencia. Capacity 1-2 people. Price, 90€/ 1 person; 70 €/ 2 people; 60 €/ 3 people. Hide designed for Ring Ouzel, Yellowhammer, Hawfinc, Redwing and Fieldfare etc.

Ring Ouzel-photography hide Spain
Ring Ouzel


Hide 5. Bee-eaters. A 1,5 m x 1,5 m tent with capacity for 2 people. Price, 80€/ 1 person; 100 €/ 2 people. Located in Xàbia, Alicante.

Bee-eaters-photograpy hide Costa Blanca
Bee-eater photography hides Spain


Hide 6. Marjal hide. A 1,5 m x 1,5 m tent with capacity for 2 people. Price, 80€/ 1 person; 140 €/ 2 people. A specific hide designed to photography marsh species like Glossy Ibis, Purple swamp-hen, Purple Heron, Little Egret, etc. Located in Gandia, Valencia. Temporary closed!

Glossy Ibis photography hide Spain
Glossy Ibis


Hide 7. Bonelli’s Eagle. Incredible views of this top raptorCapacity 3 people. Price, 140 €/ 1 person; 120 €/ 2 people and 100 €/ 3 people. Located 40 min drive from Valencia. Credit: J. García Marzal

Bonelli's Eagle-photography hide Spain
Bonelli’s Eagle


Hide 8. Genet. After more than 5 years of hard work, now is possible to enjoy of wild genets just 3 m from you. Besides, the Genets are seen right in the open, no hide, so everything is more flexible. You will enjoy the natural behaviour of this nocturnal mammal. Temporary closed!

Genet watching: 30 €/person (minimum 2- maximum 10). If you think you will be more or fewer people, please email us and we will try lo find a solution.

Photography: 120 €/person. Maximum 2-4, it would depends on of the kind of flashes/illumination use. Genets tolerate just few flashes shoots per sesion. We encourage to use lamps and avoid flashes when it is possible. No electricity is available in the cottage.

Filming for documentaries: Please contact us.

Prices do not include photographic material.

Genet hide in Valencia
Genet  hide Valencia
Filming wild genet in Valencia
Filming the Genet

The above photos were taken with a torch, no flash was used. However, our Genets tolerate quite well the illuminations and spotlights used for film makers and photographers. Not to mention the humans! See photos below.


Hide 9. Lammergeier/Black Vulture hide for 2 people in Lleida. Price for 1 day: 180 €/ 1 person, 160 €/ 2 people each. Discount for 2 or more days. Please contact us. Photos kindly provided by Heikki Helin.

Lammergeier photography hide


Hide 10. Goshawk.  Capacity for 2-3 people. Price 80€/ 1 person; 70€/ 2 people and 60€/ 3 people.

Photography hides in Spain
Goshawk hide
Goshawk photography hide Valencia
Goshawk photograhy hide Spain

Please for more information about our photography hides Spain section, please contact us.

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